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My Approach

In our first meeting we will spend time getting to know each other.  I will use my skills to discover your main concerns and to help you feel at ease.  The therapeutic relationship is a key element in psychological therapies and I work hard to ensure we set up a good base for this.

At the end of the session, I will explain how I recommend proceeding with therapy.  I will provide you with an estimate of how many sessions this may take.  Required timescales for therapy are often very difficult to predict and we will therefore review our work together regularly, to ensure we are working towards our desired goals. 

My preferred model of work is ACT.  I think it fits so well for the clients I work with and often adds a refreshing approach to the thoughts and feelings people struggle with, in that we do not try to stop or change them, but learn to accept they are there.  However I do not only use ACT.  I apply techniques from many different models (including CBT, Family Therapy and Behavioural models) to make sure the work I do fits best for you.

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